After several martinis…….An Idea Come To Me.

After several martinis…….An Idea Come To Me.

An Idea Come To Me

A poignant and off-beat solo show currently in development with Camden People’s Theatre.

Uncle Tony is nearly-seventy years old. He woke up one day with an idea bursting out of him. It was a mad-cap science fiction caper, full of stars and laser beams. He called it Space Dominoes! and then sent it to me and asked me to make it. So I am.

This is a collaboration between nephew and uncle. An entwining of two narrative strands blurring fact from fiction. Unravelling the threads reveals illuminating parallels between the four males left in the family Popple.  I’m the last one, so what is our legacy?

Tony holds the key; a life which has never quite gotten out of first gear. He has always existed in the margins; unseen and uncelebrated.

But Tony has a story and I’m the lucky bugger who gets to tell it.

More details to follow soon…..